Submission guidelines

Status: Submissions are open! Kindly read the submission guidelines before submitting an article.

  1. Check out these articles to have an idea of what your article should look and sound like.

  2. Aim for a word count between 1000 and 2000 words.

  3. Choose a topic related to personal growth, psychology, mental health, relationships/marriage, and parenting/motherhood.

  4. Write for a general audience i.e. the article should be applicable to people from all religions because this website has readers from all over the globe.

  5. Use simple, easy to understand language. No jargons.
  6. Only submit an article that has not been published anywhere before. But you can submit your writing if you have only published it on your Instagram or Facebook blog.

  7. Make sure to proofread your article before submitting and do not submit an article full of all sorts of errors.

  8. The article must be your original work. Not copied, plagiarized or paraphrased. A couple of quotes from other sources are fine, but not more than that.

  9. If you refer to any research studies in your article, make sure to link to the original article. For example, if you are referring to a research study you have read about in a news article, you will have to link to the original article i.e. original research paper and not the news article.

  10. Include a bio of about 100 words at the end of the article. You can include links to your personal blog or website and your social media accounts. You can also include your picture if you want.

  11. Submit your article in a Word document and email me at [email protected].

  12. If you want to discuss the topic with me or have any other queries, email me at [email protected].

Please Note:

  1. Your article will be edited for errors, clarity, flow, etc. IF needed. Changes will be discussed with you before the article is finalised.

  2. Copyright of the article will be retained by the author. If you would like to cross-post or reprint your article elsewhere, please include the line "This piece originally appeared at," with a link back to the original on this site.

  3. I, as the owner, author and editor of this website, reserve the right to decline your submitted article for any reason whatsoever. 

  4. Once you submit the article, I will get back to you within 3-5 days.

  5. Once the article is approved, edited and published, I will email you the link to your article. You will then be able to promote it on your social media accounts.

  6. You can submit as many articles as you want. But please only send one submission per email. 

  7. If you submit multiple articles, only one will be published in a week. The rest will be published in the following weeks.

  8. At this point, does not offer payment to the guest writers / contributors.